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Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to my personal website placeholder. I’m Rick Clarke, better known on YouTube and the web as Rickvanman.


This website is just a glorified placeholder on the web mostly containing reference material I can refer people to if needed, or where I can post anything current or connected with whatever I’m doing. 


Use the navigation menus at the top to browse your way around.



What happened to your other, much more comprehensive website?


In short, it was expensive to maintain and seldom got used or visited, so I decided, for the moment I didn't need anything quite so fancy. Once the annual fees were due, I switched over to this little freebie (ad-supported) site, saving some cash plus hours of maintenance and upkeep time.

Should the need arise in future for a more comprehensive website again, I'll switch back, but until that happens, this is home for the time being.