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Who is Rickvanman?



Age: Old enough to start hiding my age


Born: UK


Resides: North Wiltshire (UK)


Status: Single (by choice)   


Job: Company Director. Audio/visual/voice-over. Creative Entrepreneur based on YouTube. Best known for Rickvanman and The Honest Guys channels.

Bio:  An introverted, somewhat reclusive, right-brain-dominant thinker, often guided by artistic mood. I have a quirky sense of humour that sometimes gets me into trouble. I can seem a bit eccentric to others at times and I don't take life too seriously, approaching most things with an open mind.

A life-long autodidact, I am often keen to try/learn new things/skills. I also like to engage with unconventional thinking, embracing thought and discussion of concepts or ideas not necessarily accepted as ‘mainstream'. I have no time for close-mindedness or dogma.

Much of my adult life has been dominated by a generalized anxiety disorder that has pushed me into living quite a socially-reclusive life. I've written a page on it here.

Politics: I consider myself neither left nor right, but prefer to embrace what the Buddha taught about finding the balance; the yin and yang, the middle-way.

I think today's current political climate is fairly toxic and I've witnessed kind, very moderate people turn into the most unlikely acrimonious creatures after undergoing modern political indoctrination.

I currently feel that today's politics seems to bring out the worst in people, regardless of their political persuasions, and that is all the reason I need to distance myself from it as much as possible.

Hobbies: Video making, camper van life, virtual reality, relaxing, astrophotography, crafts, music-making, story writing, philosophy, self-improvement, Anime, Sci-fi.

Philosophies & Life: Live in the moment. Do whatever makes you happy as often as you can, so long as it does no harm, and if at all possible, try not to let what other people think, especially those with closed or small minds, stop you from being whom you are supposed to be - something I'm still struggling with. 

My guiding principle is to remain open-minded to all possibilities, theories, and ideas about life the universe and everything and not become indoctrinated into the dogma of just one perspective. This is on the basis that we really know so little about our existence or the true nature of our reality.  With quantum physicists now theorizing we could all be some kind of computer program, the mind boggles!






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